Step by step to buying property

There is a lot to think about when buying a home. The process can be both exciting and overwhelming. Identifying what you want in your dream property, understanding home loans and navigating your way through all the paperwork can be challenging. By becoming familiar with these steps and doing some preparation, you can reduce the … Read more

A closer look at shares

Why buy shares? When people talk about investing in shares (or stocks), they’re usually referring to common shares. These kinds of shares give you the opportunity to join in the success of public companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and as such, they’re an investment that can really grow your investment portfolio. Because you’re a … Read more

Where Can I Find Retirement Villages in the Country?

Do you dream of retiring in the country? Do you feel it’s time to leave the rat race behind and get among the fresh air, great outdoors and tight-knit community country towns are renowned for? Many retirees decide to move to country areas so they can enjoy a slower pace of life during their golden … Read more

Staying passive is being active

Heightened global markets volatility – as we’re experiencing right now – can easily trigger kneejerk reactions by panicked investors. Widespread selling, triggered by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, has been behind the recent big swings on global financial markets, including on stock markets, commodities markets, and currency markets. As serious as the current events are, heightened markets … Read more

Heart, head and gut: 5 tips for making better business decisions

One of the biggest things holding entrepreneurs back from making bigger, better decisions for their business is anxiety over making a bad choice. Here are five things all business owners should remember when it comes time to make a business-changing decision, writes former Flying Solo editor, Kelly Exeter. Few things cause more anxiety for business … Read more

Investing for a house deposit

The surge in house prices around Australia over the last two years has done little to quell the notion that getting on the property ladder is an increasingly difficult feat, particularly for younger investors. While higher interest rates expected this year may lead to less demand and a fall in house prices, property buyers are … Read more

Financial planning for your growing family

Starting a family, whether it be taking those first steps of planning or knowing your baby is on their way, is exciting – and expensive. Before you start thinking of paint colours for the nursery, it’s wise to understand the costs involved in raising a child. Knowing the costs While there’s no set cost to … Read more

Investing and tax

Lower tax on your investments can help you reach your financial goals sooner. But don’t choose an investment based on tax benefits alone. How investment income is taxed You need to include investment income in your tax return. This includes what you earn in: interest dividends rent managed funds distributions capital gains from property, shares … Read more

(Re)finance your way to renovation

Why go through the worry (and expense) of moving when you can turn your current place into your dream home? While renovations aren’t always stress-free (or cheap) there are some straightforward ways to finance your property’s facelift so it suits your post-pandemic lifestyle. The type of renovation you want and the budget you’ll need will … Read more