Fighting inflation at the checkout

With the price of iceberg lettuce peaking at an insane $12, and inflation not letting up any time soon, it’s a good time to review what you can do to reduce your food spend. If you’ve been wincing at the total on the register at the check-out recently, you’re not alone. Food prices have spiralled … Read more

Is your loyalty affecting your loan?

With consecutive rate rises throughout 2022 and talk of more to come, many Australians have been looking at their home loans more closely. Yet one thing that may have gone unnoticed is a loyalty tax and whether you are paying one. What is a loyalty tax? A tax for being loyal? It doesn’t seem fair, … Read more

Measuring up the price of shares

Share market investment analysts thrive on numbers. So, when you read reports about markets or specific companies being “overvalued” or “undervalued”, you can generally assume there’s been a fair bit of analytical number crunching going on behind the scenes. But how do investment analysts reach their conclusions? Is there a magic formula available that you … Read more

Three tips for building a good portfolio

Be deliberate The first step to building a sound investment portfolio is to know why you’re investing. Setting measurable investment goals gives investors clarity and direction, and prevents them from falling into common investment traps like chasing unrealistic market returns or being overly influenced by transitory factors like product fads or short term performance. Before … Read more

Do you run part or all of your business from home?

If you’re a sole trader or in a partnership, you may be able to claim the business-use portion of running expenses (the costs incurred using your home’s facilities) and occupancy expenses (what you pay to own or rent your home). For example, Georgia is a sole trader and runs a hairdressing business from her granny … Read more

Inflation – what to know and what to do

Rising inflation brings about concern for many, but Vanguard’s time-tested investment philosophy—and a long-term focus—can help any investor navigate choppy waters. What is inflation? Inflation happens when prices rise and purchasing power decreases. This can be the result of a simultaneous high demand for and low supply of goods and services. Consumers have money and … Read more

Saving for education

Education is the gift that keeps on giving. If you are considering a private school this article is for you as we discuss how to save for your child’s education. Education is the gift that parents can give their children that keeps on giving. But if you are considering private schools it is a gift … Read more

How much super do I need to retire?

Working out how much you need to save for retirement is a question that keeps many pre-retirees awake at night. Recent market volatility and fluctuating superannuation balances have only added to the uncertainty. So it’s timely that new research shows you may need less than you fear. For most people, it will certainly be less … Read more

Strategies for long-term investing

Given the inherent volatility of security prices in capital markets, it is useful to remind ourselves of strategies that investors can utilise to meet their investment goals. This is important when constructing and positioning a diversified portfolio of assets, a challenge that most financial advisers face daily. Reminding ourselves of the fundamentals of portfolio construction … Read more

Investing on a lower income

While you may not need a six-figure salary to invest in property, those who earn a relatively low income will require a little more creative thinking to start a portfolio. Here are some tips to help you get started. Find an investor-friendly loan The challenge for low-income earners is the time it takes to save … Read more