11 tips for reducing costs in small business

Small businesses across the country will be looking for ways to reduce costs amid cost of living and rising price pressures. Economic challenges are expected to continue into the 2024 financial year, from inflation and supply chain lags to higher interest rates and reduced consumer spending. Businesses will need to keep a close eye on … Read more

Flexing your financial fitness

It’s a challenging time for household finances right now. Interest rates are rising as the Reserve Bank of Australia increases the cash rate to put the brakes on inflation, and flat wage growth means household incomes have not been keeping pace with cost-of-living increases. The best way to deal with uncertain times, is to be … Read more

Risks to consider when building a portfolio

An understanding of the risk and return characteristics of various asset classes is vital to the portfolio construction process. When constructing a portfolio, having an asset allocation that encompasses a wide range of different investments is an important factor for long-term investment success. But as the number of investment products and variations available to investors … Read more

What is my credit score and how do I manage it?

If you are looking to buy property in the near future there are a lot of numbers you’ll be keeping track of – how much deposit you are saving for, how much you can borrow, how much to allow for closing costs, a figure for your total overall budget, as well as how much your … Read more

Getting the balance right in decision making

We all approach decision making in our own way, making a multitude of decisions every day: ‘Should I hit snooze again on the alarm?,’ ‘Do I take the train to work, or do I drive,’ ‘What should we have for dinner?’ In fact, researchers estimate that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions every day.i While … Read more

Finding a good balance

In the same way finding a balanced lifestyle is conducive to good health, finding balance in an investment portfolio gives investors the healthiest chance of achieving their long-term goals. Having a diversified mix of assets is essential because it mitigates market volatility and reduces portfolio risk. This is because the best performing asset one year … Read more

Five ingredients of a great super fund

If you stay with the default super fund provided by your employer there’s a chance you’ll miss out on thousands in super.  It makes sense to take a close look at your current super fund and consider whether your money could be working harder elsewhere. If you still have many years to go until you … Read more

The challenges of market timing

When markets fall, it’s natural to want to take action to prevent further losses. Doing so however can do more harm than good. Here’s why timing the market to buy low and sell high is not as easy as it sounds. If you’re invested in the financial markets and also keeping up with the news, … Read more

Preparing for the next chapter

Retirement means starting a new chapter of your life, one that gives you the freedom to create your own story, as you decide exactly how you want to spend your time. While retirement may not be part of your immediate plans, there are advantages to giving some thought as to what retirement looks like for … Read more